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Born 1637, St. Seurin, France
Carignan-Salieres Regiment

My 7th great grandfather.

Vincent was a soldier in the famous Carignan-Salieres Regiment which saw action in France and Germany before coming to New France. Benjamin Sulte said, "the Carignan Regiment was made up of six thousand foot soldiers commanded by the Counts de Coligny and de la Feuillade, whom France had sent to aid the Emperor of Germany against the Turks in 1664, and who had won the day at Saint-Gothard, on the borders of Raab, where Montecuculi decisively defeated the Grand Viser Achmet Kouprougli."
Eleven hundred of the six thousand came to New France in September 12, 1665 to fight Iroquois, who were basically having their way in New France. He was in the company of Captain Maximy and was one of 400 soldiers that decided to stay in Canada afterward the Iroquois signed a peace treaty.

He married Anne Colin, a "fille du roi", daughter of the king, on October 18, 1669. Anne's parents were Nicolas Colin and Isabelle Calende from Sainte-Croix de Sens in Orleanais. Anne brought a dowry estimated at 200 livres, plus her fifty livre gift from the King. They had 12 children. 7 died, 3 in a tragic fire on August 3, 1678 (Philippe born 1673, Anne born 1676, and Rene born 1678), Jacques born 1681 died in the cradle, Louis born 1683 died at age 17 months, and unnamed son died at birth in 1688, and Vincent born in 1692 died the day he was born. Elizabeth, Jeanne-Marie, Jean, Nicolas, and Jean-Pierre survived, married and bore children of there own.

The children of Vincent and Anne were:

Elizabeth born July 19, 1670, married Rene Favreau (or Saureau) dit Deslauriers in 1694. He was a soldier in the company of Monsieur des Bergeres. Family settled at Beaumont. She died in 1703.
Jeanne Marie born February 1, 1672, married Jean-Baptiste Gelinas dit Bellemare in 1700. Family settled in Yamachiche. She died in 1757.
Philippe born November 8, 1673, burned to death on August 3, 1678.
Anne born March 12, 1676, burned to death on August 3, 1678.
Rene born June 12, 1678, burned to death on August 3, 1678.
Jean born June 24, 1679, married Marguerite Choret in 1707, first settled in Yamachiche, then at St. Jean on the Ille de Orleans, after 1707. Jean died in 1746. (My ancestor)

Jean's Birth record
Jacques, born in 1681, probably died in the cradle.
Louis born September 9, 1683, died at the age of 17 months.
Nicolas born November 2, 1685, married Jeanne Poisson in 1709. They settled at Saint-Jean. Nicloas died in 1737.
An unnamed son, born and died on the same day in 1688.
Jean Pierre born October 24, 1689. Married Catherine-Marguerite Choret in 1707. He was an epileptic. Died in 1724. Jean Pierre caused his family a lot of trouble because he was an "idiot it tombait du haut mal".
Vincent born April 14, 1692, died a short time after birth.

Vincent and Anne lived their lives on the Ille de Orleans in the Province of Quebec. Vincent Boissonneau and Anne Colin lived until a reasonably advanced age.

They were buried at Saint-Jean, he died on September 14, 1715. He was 80 years old. She died on July 29, 1719. She was 75 years old. Both died the day before their burial.

St. Jean Church on the Ille d' Orleans, exterior left,
interior below. Photos by Ron Belanger.


Nicolas went by the names, Nicolas, Vincent and Saint Onge.

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