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Boissineau Family Reunion August 2001

Photos by Delphine Goodwin

photo 1: Left to right: Vickie Boissineau-Berlinguette (Dave's Sister, see Dave's Lineage), Delphine Goodwin, and Dolores Pinder (nee Bussineau), the cousin who contacted Delphine about the reunion.

photo 2: Wayne Cohen & David "Bud" Bussineau Sr. (from right to left)

photo 3: Dolores Pinder, David "Bud" Bussineau Sr. and Wayne Cohen

photo 4: Judy Boissineau, standing. In front row: Keith and Kenneth Figures.
In back row: next to Judy is their father - John Figures (widower of Helen Boissineau) and his friend - Sarah Dunlop (The 'twins' are the youngest members of Helen (Boissineau) and John Figures. They also had two other sons - Donald and Douglas. Helen was a daughter of Francis (Frank) Xavier Boissineau and Monica Keable - Gary and my grand parents

photo 5: John "Jack" Bussineau, left, Larry Boissineau, right (Dave's brother).

photo 6: Gary Boissineau (Judy's husband) the host of the party

photo 7: Crowd of cousins

photo 8: Another crowd of cousins

photo 9: Pearl Bussineau (widow of Harry Bussineau, mother of Dolores, Bud, John, Helen, Lloyd & Olive Belaire) in front with cane in the background standing left to right starting from against the building is Shane Bussineau, Phillip "Radar" Bussineau (Bud's sons) Tracy Bussineau (Shane's wife) & Johann Dupuis (Dolores' daughter)

photo 10: From left to right sitting is Melina DeSaulnier,
Standing in pink dress Robin Marshall-
(Helen's daughter) sitting with sunglasses is
Ryan DeSaulnier & sitting with red shirt
on is Helen Marshall (nee Bussineau)

Thanks to Norma Pinder-Buske, Cindy Bussineau and L.W. & M.E. Boissineau. If others in these photos can be identified please let me know. If I didn't get this right, also, please let me know.