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Why List the Payment Family?
The Payment family and the Boissonneau family have many over lapping relationships. Due to this I thought it appropriate to post information on the Payment Lineage on the Boissonneau website. Anyone else who lineage overlaps to such great detail with our family please email and I would gladly list your family's information on this website.

Below is an email from Delores A. Hall-Payment who supplied the information for this part of the site. She explains better than I, in her email and research, the many connections our family's have, thanks Dee!

John Bussineau
January, 2003

Hi, I wrote to you before I recorded into my Family Tree Maker the Boissineau family and was surprised to find the many connections. For example, at the start we have Nicholas Vincent Boissineau who had a son Jean Pierre Boissineau born October 24, 1689 who married Catherine Margaret Choret.

The Payment branch starts with Angelique Choret who married Joseph Paiement also spelled Payment.

Then I found Henry Bell related to your line; also Henry Payment who leads off from Marguerite Boissineau actually so does the Sylvesters that is also in our line Henry Payment married into line of Jacques Mercier Dit Ford.

So I have put together a new list for you to view over. Where I had a bit of problems was Lucy or Lucille Boissineau who married Edward Lambert; they had three children, and in recording this information I noticed I had Lucie as the Mother also of a second marriage of Ed Lambert. He married my great great great grandmother Delphine LaVallee. Ed was into boat building and so was Delphine's lst husband Francois Payment, they must have been close friends, after each spouse died the two got married. so I need to work on correcting that part of the chart, but this way you get the Payment information where I lead off from.

Sad to say Henry Payment's family was unable to cooperate with us, at this time, in gathering more information. Well good luck in looking over what I have sent you and if I can be of further help, do call on me.

Our next Payment re-union will be the 2nd week-end of August, 2003 to be held at Sherman Park at Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, you are welcome to join in with us.


The following lists were compiled by Delores A. Hall, enjoy!
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