Claudette Boissoneault's LineageLineage of Aline Sabourin

born, January 26, 1826
Garden River, Sault Ste. Marie

My great great grandfather.

He was baptized two years after being born, since they couldn't get a priest "cure" up into the north country very often. Click here for a photocopy of his birth record.

He worked for the American Fur Company as did his father, Joseph. He was also a fisherman.

He married Angelique Souliere.

Magloire died on December 10, 1904.

He and Angelique had 7 children:

Photo courtesy of cousin Wayne,
Sault Ste. Marie.


Angelique born January 4, 1852, married William Neveau, Oct 29, 1878
Jacques born on Febrary 19, 1855
Philomena born on August 19, 1857
Helene born on August 28, 1859. Married Joseph Biron.
Margaret born May 29, 1861. Married Sam Biron
Joseph born on April 28, 1863
Louise born September 27, 1866.


A photograph of 5 of the 7 children of Magloire and Angelique

My best guess as to who is in this photo, other than my
great grandfather Joseph who is second to the left, left to right,
Jacques or Philomena, Joseph, Angelique, Louise, and Helene or Margaret.
Also I don't know when this photo was taken.

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