Claudette Boissoneault's LineageLineage of Aline Sabourin

born 1679, St. Famille, Ille de Orleans (I.O.), Quebec

My 6th great grandfather.

Born at home in 1679 in Ste-Famille, died around 1731-32.

Prior to his marriage, Jean had cleared a few acres of land in Yamachiche Quebec. In 1707, at his father’s request, he returned to the Ile d’Orleans to take possession of the homestead and care for his aging parents.

Married Marguerite Choret on November 16, 1707. Click here to view the original marriage record and translation. Marguerite was born February 2, 1689. Marguerite’s parents were Jean Choret and Claire Baucher.

Jean and Marguerite had 13 known children, all born in St-Jean but baptized either in St-Jean or in one of the neighbouring parishes of the Ile d’Orleans.

Children of Jean and Marguerite:

1. Jean Baptiste born in 1708 at Ste. Pierre. (my ancestor)
2. Nicolas born around 1710
3. Joseph-Marie born September 18, 1712
4. Jean-Francois born February 24, 1714
5. Pierre born on May 9, 1716 on Ste. Jean. This is the first of two children named Pierre.
6. Marguerite born January 13, 1718, Ste. Famille.
7. Marie-Josette born June 8, 1720
8. Joseph born on April 3, 1722, Ste. Jean.
9. Joseph Marie born on October 20, 1723 on Ste. Famille and baptized at Ste. Jean.
10. Elizabeth born on August 12, 1725 on Ste. Famille and baptized at Ste. Jean.
11. Pierre Noel born on April 4, 1727, Ste. Famille.
12. Marie Louise born on January 7, 1729 on Ste. Famille and baptized at Ste. Jean.
13. Madeleine born on February 26, 1730 on Ste. Famille and baptized at Ste. Jean.

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