Claudette Boissoneault's LineageLineage of Aline Sabourin

born in 1898, Dunns Valley, Ontario

Is it just me or does he resemble the late John F. Kennedy Jr.?

Looks a lot like my first cousin Chris too.

Married Ruth Nordstrom born October 31, 1901, daughter of Leander Nordstrom of Finland and Nellie Parnilla Applin of Sweden.

Everyone called my grandfather "Jack".

He was a heavyweight contender in the 1920's, missed a title fight against Jack Dempsey in 1923 by one fight.

Henry Bussineau, 1923, just prior to the
Firpo fight.

He had a real weasel for a manager, who sold his contract 3 days before the fight to a New York real estate agent who knew nothing about fighting. This new manager told my grandfather to slug it out with Firpo in the third round, since my grandfather who had closed Firpo's left eye after only two rounds was winning the fight easily. Firpo was a slugger. He knocked my grandfather out cold when they went toe-to-toe. Firpo went on to be the only man to knock Jack Dempsey out of the ring. Dempsey came back to win the fight but it was "supposedly" Dempsey's toughest fight ever. Fought under the name Jack McCauliffe the II. Gramps sparred with Jack Dempsey, Primo Cannerra and even the young Joe Louis, professionally, after hanging the gloves up in the mid 1930's.

Check out "Jack McAuliffe's" career bouts.

Henry Bussineau and his manager

He worked for Ford Motor Company after retiring from the ring. He was an avid deer and bear hunter, always taking a fall trip or two up to the Sault. He owned property around Bay City for a time.

Henry died on March 2, 1967 of tubercluosis and prostrate cancer. Ruth died on September 13, 1973.

Henry and Ruth had four children, see tree:

George - died at nine months Click for larger view.
John - my father born January 10, 1927, married Pauline on September 25, 1953 at St. Rita's in Detroit. Died August 18, 1959. John had an identical twin, Joseph.
Joseph - born January 10, 1927.
Mervin - born November 8, 1935

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