Payment Family


When: August 2, 2003

Where: Kinsmen Park, Landslide Road, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Food: there will be sandwiches, lemonade, coffee & tea available all day long. Supper is being decided...possibly a collection and ordering pizza

What to bring: Family history, pictures for comparison or just so we can put a face to our ancestors, sunscreen and other fun stuff!!

What to do: There will be game for the kids, games for adults, there's a baseball field, swings and playground, marked hiking trails, there's an unsupervised natural pool to go swimming in. Not sure if there are still old barbe-que pits, also there are tennis courts near by...unsure if they are still open to the public.

I think it will be FUN! FUN! FUN!

Special request....Anybody who is musical, if they want to bring along their instruments...hopefully we will get some fiddles(violins), accoustic guitars, harmonicas, etc, etc. We did that a few years back..and it was a lot of fun.