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I think John’s “BOISSONNEAU - BOISSONNEAULT - BUSSINEAU HOMEPAGE” is fantastic. Because of his web page we are locating Boissonneau family members all over the USA and Canada.

My name is Delphine Ford dit Mercier (Goodwin). I am a retired school librarian, and the senior member of a group of genealogists (David Boissineau, John Bussineau, and Heather Cadotte), who are researching the BOISSONNEAU name.

By using a team approach we have brought up to the present day the lineage of Joseph Jr., Magloire, and Leon, three sons of Joseph Charles Boissonneau (born 1788, Quebec) the progenitor of all the Boissonneau's in the Sault Ste Marie areas, both USA and Canada.

Joseph had seven sons and two daughters, who all married and prospered. From Joseph Charles’ lineage, John’s, David’s, and mine parallels, and goes back to Vincent Nicholas Boissonneau, a soldier in the famous Carignan-Salieres Regiment, who came to Quebec from France in 1665 to fight the Iroquois Indians.

I cannot sing the praises enough of a team approach to genealogical research, for we are not only sharing information, but have formed a mutual bond of family identity. John and David are researching their paternal lines, since they carry the name Boissineau and Bussineau. On the other hand, I am tracing a maternal line, through Marguerite Boissonneau my great great grandmother.


All of my father’s family roots are in the Sault Ste Marie, St. Ignace, MI, Sault Ste Marie ON. areas, as well Quebec, Canada

Jean Boissonneau b. Abt. 1579 St. Seurin, France

Nicolas Vincent Boissonneau b. 1637 St Seurin, France; d. 17l5, St Jean Ille de Orleans, Que.

Jean Boissonneau b. 1679 Ste Famille, IO, Que; d. 1746 St Jean, IO, Que.

Jean Baptiste Boissonneau b. 1708, Ste Famille, IO, Que; d.4 Apr 1753 St Jean IO, Que.

Marie Joseph Boissonneau b. 1750 St. Jean, IO, Que.

Joseph Charles Boissonneau b. 1788 St Jean, IO, Que; d. Abt 1864, Sault Ste Marie, ON, Canada.

Joseph Boissineau b.1822 Sault Ste Marie ON; d. 1910 Sault Ste Marie ON.

Marguerite Boissonneau b.1845 Sault Ste Marie, ON; d. 1913 Sault Ste Marie MI (my Great Great Grandmother); married Maurice Mercier dit Ford 1864 Marquette MI..

Jacques Mercier dit James Ford b. 1874, Marquette MI; d. 1938 Dearborn, MI.

James Cletus Ford b. 1895, Sault Ste Marie MI; d. 1989 Livonia MI.

Delphine Pearl Ford married Edgar Goodwin 1947.

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